Choosing the Correct Wallet

  People all around the globe use wallets as on the most used items they own. Wallets have a very important place in our daily life because they have a very important mission. They carry and keep safe our belongings like cash, cards, receipts and maybe our keys and phone. They are not just a companion neither. They also symbolize the lifestyle, spending habits, fashion sense and wealth of the owner. That’s why every man and woman should be very careful before choosing a wallet which they will use for a long time. 

choosing the correct wallet

  People who carry their wallet in their front or back pocket should look for smaller and slimmer wallets. If they buy a bulky wallet, it can make them uncomfortable while waking or sitting. There are so many compact wallet types. Cardholders, bifold wallets and zippered pouches are a couple of them. There are so many brands that make different styles of front pocket wallets. There are brands that make handmade leather wallets, which are one of a kind and the customer can pick the wallet size, material type and the color. They are very customizable so it can suit the owner the best. There are also many designer brands that make compact wallets. The most popular compact wallet type among designer brands is bifold wallets. Designer bifold wallets are so various and there are so many options to choose from. 

Wallets with an ID card window

  People who want to have a plain wallet but also want that special uniqueness can go for wallets with money clip. These wallets have a special attachment that keeps the cash sticked to the wallet. The money clip detailing can come in many materials and colors. But the most popular ones are metallic ones in the color gold or silver. 

  People who work in offices or various security fields, sometimes have to show their ID cards often daily. It can be a hassle to take the card out and put it again every time. There are special wallets that can cure this problem. Wallets with an ID card window have a special compartment that contains a transparent window that shows the front face of the card which was put in. So that the owner doesn’t have the take the card out every single time. 

Wallets with an ID card window

  People who don’t want to use animal products but like the look of the leather can go for the faux leather wallets. Faux leather is a very tricky material though. Especially bigger and cheaper brands tend to create their faux leather products with very unhealthy and environmentally unsustainable materials. These raw materials would be harmful for both the owner and the nature. Instead of these brands, smaller brands or brands with various certificates should be chosen. Now, many nature lover brands make faux leather with specific fruit seeds and peels, which is a hundred percent sustainable and they are considered the best quality faux leather wallets. 

  People who like using sustainable items might like tyvek wallets. Tyvek is a sustainable, lightweight and waterproof material that is made of polyethylene. Its waterproofness is also makes it suitable for nature lovers who are afraid of damaging their cards and money. Since it is very thin and light, it is also very portable. There are many sustainable and cruelty free brands that come up with budget friendly tyvek wallets. The only con of tyvek is that its a sporty material and not suitable for classy occasions. 

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  People who work or study in artistic fields should go for the wallet which specifically express their own artistic side. Both designer and cheaper brands come up with very interesting an unique designs. Instead of plain wallets, people with artistic backgrounds should choose these unique wallets which suit their taste the best. Herschel has very interesting looking wallets with many different patterns and color-ways. 

Genuine Leather Credit Card Wallet with ID Window

  These were some of the tips and tricks that can help some people buying their next wallet. We hope that this article helped you too and you won’t regret your next wallet purchase. Have a fun time shopping!

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