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We all know that the incredible reflection of colors and language bring energy and spirit to the items we use, as in every area. I believe that colors have energy. Every color has a meaning. And these colors that we love and prefer in daily life also reflect our personality and style. The colors we choose while using them give us energy. Women’s and men’s wallets are the most used personal items. Almost everyone has a wallet, even more women’s wallets. Every color has an energy, a soul. Every person’s wishes, goals and perspectives on life are different. Looking at life more fun and more dynamic, learning the energies of colors and making your choices accordingly will give you vitality. If you do not believe in the energies of colors, you can choose the color that is easiest for you to use.

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If you believe in colors and the energy given by colors while choosing a leather credit card holder, you should also know what color means when choosing a wallet. Green, brown, black, blue, orange, red and yellow colors are used at the beginning of the colors used in women’s and men’s wallets. So, what are the colors used in the wallet and their meanings, and according to what we should choose these colors.

Green Color is usually associated with money. If we consider the phrase money attracts money, green color means increasing income opportunities for the slim credit card wallet. Green color generally means starting over, new formations. If you want formations in your life, if you want to add money to your money, if you are going to make new beginnings with new ideas, you can choose the green color and get a green wallet in the tones you desire for yourself.

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Red color; It is a color that has the energy of wealth, fire and sun. Red is the color of happiness. It is the color of romance and love. Women also use the color red a lot in their daily lives. Red is the color of success, future, prestige and courage.


Black color; It is the color of seriousness, prestige, monetary power and seriousness. It literally represents authority. It means wealth, peace, opportunity and trust. If you are an office worker, a businessman or a manager, your preferred wallet color should be black.

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Blue color; represents abundance. If you are looking for a job or want to have a stable income, it is very appropriate to choose the color blue. On the other hand, navy blue is the color that will help increase your income by keeping it intact. If you want to increase your income, you should choose blue or dark blue colors.

mens leather credit card holder

Pink color; It is the color of happiness. As much as your energy. Pink is as strong a color as red. However, it has a lighter and playful childlike energy. Pink color means that you have a good time with your income.

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White color; It is literally the color of power. Describes the metal color. Coin means career and income. It is a symbol of power in terms of attracting attention, influencing people, influencing people. If you want to influence the people around you and take them under your power, you should definitely use a white best handmade leather wallets.

mens leather credit card holder

Brown is the most preferred color after black. The reason for this is the natural appearance and the beauty of the mens leather credit card holder. As with the green color, the most used to withdraw Money. It is one of the good colors. It has the energy to help ensure economic security and stability, and safely store your income.

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