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  Men all around the world, use wallets for keeping their belongings safe and organized. Wallets are one of the most important items that we own and keep by our side. They are not just a companion but they also symbolize the owner’s lifestyle, spending habits, fashion taste and wealth. Due to their great importance, men should be very careful while picking their wallets. Since everyone and their need in a wallet are unique, different wallets are suitable for different people. 

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 People who like to go for classy looks might like leather wallets. Leather wallets come in various types and materials. Calfskin, sheepskin and lambskin wallets tend to look more plain and sleek. These wallet generally go well with muted colors like creme or brown. Both leather bifold wallets and cardholder look very classic and sophisticated. Some bifold wallets have an ID window in them, this can be very helpful for the people who have to show their ID’s often.  There are also leather wallets with a money clip. Money clip detail holds the cash on the wallet by applying pressure on it. It also adds a characteristic look to the wallet, since it is bulky and rigid. There are many types of these wallets but generally they come in a leather material and a metallic colored clip. 

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  People who like carrying their wallets in their pocket should go for smaller and slimmer wallets. Slim bifold, zippered pouches and cardholders might be the best types of wallet for them. Cardholders are a type of wallet that are generally made of a rectangular and rigid material and they have card slots on one or two sides. They might be good for the people who only use cards but they are not useful for other people because of their lack of compartment variety. Zippered pouches can be more useful due to this because they have a large compartment that can fit so many things in. But they look less sophisticated compared to a cardholder and that might be the reason for so many people to not purchase it. 

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  People who always carry a bag with them can go for larger wallets though. Since they will carry the wallet in their bags, they won’t have a problem about their wallet being bulky or not. Long rectangular wallets are very classic looking and they fit so many things inside. They have many card sloths, cash compartments and occasionally a zippered coin pouch inside. They also come in many colors and sizes. Brands like Calvin Klein, Coach and Marc Jacobs make very good quality leather wallets which are also not very expensive. Herschel makes very nice quality wallets made with cotton. It is a more budget friendly brand. 

  People who want to be more sustainable and like using cruelty free items should look for sustainable wallets. Tyvek is such a nice material which is sustainable, waterproof and lightweight. It is made of polyethylene. Tyvek is a very sporty and outdoorsy material which can protect the belongings in the wallet from water and stains. People who go camping or nature traveling can go for tyvek wallets. Tyvek wallets also comes in very different colors and designs that can fit so many people’s fashion taste. 

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  People who work or study in artistic fields should go for the wallet which specifically express their own artistic side. Both designer and cheaper brands come up with very interesting an unique designs. Instead of plain wallets, people with artistic backgrounds should choose these unique wallets which suit their taste the best. Herschel has very interesting looking wallets with many different patterns and color-ways. 

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  Brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada etc. have very known wallets and they are so easy to encounter. Everyone with high budget buy them. If you want to be unique and sophisticated but also want a designer wallet, these aren’t the fitting brands for you. You can go for smaller designer brands like Isabel Marant, Ganni and Comme des Garçons can serve you better. These brands also have an influence but their products are more unique. 

  These were some of the tips and tricks for the people who want to buy their next wallet. If you relate to one of the examples above, we hope this article helped you with your future purchase. Have a fun time shopping!  

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  1. My current wallet is the second wallet I bought this year. Because before I bought my first wallet, I had no idea what kind of wallet I really needed. Therefore, I made the wrong choice and because I used this wallet for a while, I could not return it and had to buy a new one.
    I would like to share it with you.

  2. The best wallet for me is the card holder wallet, because I carry very little cash, hardly any, and I don’t like to use cash.

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