The world of men’s wallets are endless. Since all men are unique in their own ways, different wallets are suitable for every man. Everyone have their own needs in a wallet. Now, let’s see which type of wallet is suitable for which type of man. 

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   First of all, let’s start with compact wallets. Men generally don’t carry a bag with them all the time. That’s why compact and slim wallets can be a better fit for them. Cardholders are the first wallet type to come to mind as compact wallets. These wallets are generally made of rectangular rigid material that has card slots on one or both sides. These wallets are one of the most compact ones you can ever find. They usually only hold cards in them but some of them also have a zippered compartment to put various stuff in like cash, coins or receipts. They might be small and easy to carry in a front pocket but they have a downside too.

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Since they have a small space in them to put things, men who carry a lot of stuff in their wallets wouldn’t like cardholders. Cardholders also come in many different materials but the most popular material is leather. Calfskin, sheepskin and goatskin have plainer looks and used in cardholders a lot. They are also quite durable and rigid leathers. Croc skin and snakeskin in the other hand, are more flashy and eye catching because they have unique natural patterns on them. But their durability is a lot less compared to other leather types. 

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  Compact wallets are also called front pocket wallets due to their ease of carrying in a front pocket of a trouser. apart from cardholders, there are many other types of front pocket wallets. Bifold and trifold wallets can be counted as front pocket wallets if they are made from the correct materials. Thin and flexible materials should be used for thinner and slimmer wallets. As leather, lambskin is the best type of leather to use in coma t bifold-trifold wallets. Lambskin is very soft and flexible, but quite durable. There are also front pocket wallets with money clip on them. This clip helps the cash being held on the wallet. These wallets’ clip can also be used as an attacher to the fabric of the pocket, so that the wallet can be carried outside the pocket. 

slimmer and thinner wallets

  There are also chained wallets which can be suitable for the men who doesn’t use bags daily. These wallets can be carried as a necklace or a crossbody bag so that the user doesn’t need a bag to carry a bulky chained wallet. 

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  Large wallets are suitable for the men who always carry a bag with them. Since these wallets are bulky, they won’t be comfortable to carry in hand or pocket. These wallets have a bigger space in them to put various things and they come in very different styles. Larger wallets with zippers are more user friendly because many different things can be put in the zippered compartment. 

slimmer and thinner wallet models

  If you be careful about these things before purchasing your next wallet, you won’t regret your purchase. Be sure to consider every need you have and you spending habits beforehand, so that your wallet would be the best fit for you! Have a nice day shopping!

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