What is RFID protection and how does it work?

Skimming, digital pickpocketing, and contactless thievery are all major issues nowadays. People who have their wallets emptied while they are sleeping frequently appear in newspaper or television news reports.


Do you need an RFID-blocking wallet? | NordVPN

The thieves’ guild used to sneak up on you on the street and steal your handbag unnoticed, but that is no longer the case. Criminals have found clever methods to steal your account without being noticed as a result of the use of contactless payment and paying with your phone. This blog will teach you everything there is to know about RFID security, how digital pickpocketing works, and how we’ve incorporated RFID protection into our goods. We’ll also give you four crucial pointers on how to avoid digital pickpocketing.

Wallet RFID Blocking is a scam!!

What is digital pickpocketing, and how does it work in reality?

Of course, we know a lot more about leather bags and accessories than about digital pickpocketing. And we’re certainly glad to hear it. Nonetheless, we’d want to show you how childishly simple it is for robbers to steal your money. When your payment cards are left flimsy in your jacket or pocket, they are most exposed. To drain cash from your account, simply hold it beside you with a portable payment device. This is a walk in the park when it comes to speeding things up. This is especially true if you live in a large metropolis, such as New York City or London. Even though you must input your code for larger quantities (which costs extra), it’s still a waste of your hard-earned money! Fortunately, there’s a quick remedy for all of this commotion. Keep your payment cards in an RFID leather wallet for men to avoid problems.

Testing RFID Wallets, Cards, and Sleeves

RFID Importance

In virtually all of your cards, an RFID chip is used. This chip enables you to make a contactless payment. It’s pretty handy. Several organizations, including the consumer association and several banks, have already warned about a new problem: digital pickpocketing as a result of contactless payment.

RFID Secure Wallet – DO YOU NEED ONE??

The first wallets and covers with aluminum foil around them appeared shortly after. The use of aluminum foil to block radiation and prevent contactless payments is a good idea. Soon after, the first metal cases with RFID protection were offered. Not long afterward, the first wallet with RFID protection was sold. RFID protection has progressed to the point that it may be incorporated in wallets using a foil. With the introduction of our brand in 2013, we became one of the first companies to provide our complete line of top leather wallet brandswith RFID protection as part of our mission To offer high-quality products at reasonable prices.


RFID Wallet

Let’s take a look at the RFID protection we employ:

  • The radiation is stopped by an ultra-thin foil film. This film is a hundred micrometers thick. It’s extremely thin. 12 times as thin as aluminum foil and 100 times as thin as printing paper!
  • This film is completely REACH compliant.
  • The insulation of this barrier is designed to protect you from both radio waves and microwaves. It screens all frequency bands ranging from 125 kHz LF to 13.56 MHz HF, blocking all types of radiation.

On the inside of our leather wallets, our foil is hidden. While today’s leather card holder come with RFID protection built-in, in 2013 we were one of the first companies to apply RFID protection to all of our leather goods.

Aside from the fact that all of our leather wallets come with RFID protection, the presence of an RFID logo on our store distinguishes them from one another. Every RFID wallet has an RFID emblem printed on the inside as well.


Our tips:

  • Do you want to make sure that criminals don’t steal money from your account without being detected? Make sure you store your payment card in an RFID wallet! Is there no RFID logo on the outside of your wallet or cardholder? Then it’s likely that it doesn’t have any RFID protection.
  • When you’re entering your code, conceal the view. When criminals obtain your code, they can use it to access more money illegally.
  • Do you have any more doubts about contactless transactions? Then turn off the contactless payment option on your phone. This is frequently feasible through the banking software on your phone.
  • This is a comprehensive examination. You may also lower your debit card payment limit on a daily basis. This protects you from being harmed if they reach you before you go to them.


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  1. Hello, I also want to buy a rfid wallet. Because I’m worried about my contactless credit card information being stolen. However, I am wondering how rfid blocking wallets work and I want to know if this feature really works, that is, is it safe. I would be very happy if you could answer my question. thanks.

  2. Whether the Rfid protection feature provides protection as claimed is still a matter of debate, so I’m still not sure if it’s worth spending more money on it.

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