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  Wallet industry evolves day by day. Many different luxury and cheap brands come up with interesting wallets and people tend to catch up with the wallet trends like there is no tomorrow. It is a good thing to be always on track with the main stream fashion but isn’t it a little bit tiring? Every year the trendiest colors, pattern and bag types change. People always have to shop for new wallets, bags and clothes every year to be the trendiest one of ‘em all, but it isn’t it sometimes. We should all take a step back and take a deep breath. And then take a look at how the fashion industry brought us to the verge of existential crisis when it comes to spending tons of money for the sake of being trendy and overdo the others. It is not okay to think like that. Sometimes being fashionable isn’t buying the trendiest clothes and bags. Going for the classic wallets, bags and whatnot, sometimes is the answer to our exhaustion over fashion. Now, let’s take a look at the classic wallet types that will never go out of fashion which you can use them for a lifetime

I made a Classic Bifold Wallet with Italian Buttero Leather 

  When we think of a men’s wallet, we always imagine a bifold or a trifold wallet. That’s because these styles have been in the wallet industry for tens of years. These types are so user friendly and they don’t take much space at all. There might be both slimmer or bulkier bifold/trifold wallets and it depends on the material that was used while making these wallets. Leather is one of the most popular and classic materials that have been used with these styles. A leather bifold wallet might be the best choice for the men who are bored of running after trends. A correct color choice that suits the user’s taste can be the integral point. Browns, black and creme colors have been always trendy and they go so well with many types of leather; calfskin to snakeskin. 

Best bifold wallets. The most elegant leather accessories

  There are other classic looking wallets too. Such as wallets with a money clip. Money clip detailing have been used in wallet industry for a good while. It adds an interesting touch to the wallet and since it is made of metal, generally, the wallet gets an interesting look to it. Gold, silver or copper colors have been majorly used for the money clip detailing, which adds a classy and mature look to the wallet, which is suitable for the men who want to go for a classic look. 

simple wallet for men

  Leather material used in c these types of wallets is very very important. There are many brands and factories that produce many types of leathers. Both the animal type and the quality of manufacturing are equally important. Not every leather type goes well with every type of wallet. And also not every brands and factory creates good quality leather that looks and feels sophisticated. Calfskin, sheepskin and lambskin leathers have a plain look, which is better for the men who like to have a simple wallet. Snakeskin and crocodile skin have a more flashy look, which is both classic and also eye catching. The type of leather depends on the personal taste but the quality isn’t. Leather and stitching quality plays a vital role for the wallet to look and feel classy. Especially if the stitching have a contrasting color to the main leather material, it should be done very flawlessly, because if not, the flaws will be very present and it will take the classy look from the wallet. Italian leather industry has been known for its good quality leather and flawless stitching. Men with a higher budget can go for Italian brands for the best fitting wallets. 

classic wallets for men

  Main point is; a good quality leather and details, combined with a plain and user friendly design results in a timeless wallet that won’t be out of fashion in any case. If you are also tired of the ever-changing wallet fashion trends, follow this article to cure your exhaustion. 

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