long zippered wallets

  We are all bored of these basic wallets. Especially men, always play safe when it comes to their accessories. We can see those plain bifold wallets in everybody’s hands and pockets wherever we go. That’s the same for women too, long zippered wallets have been always so popular among women and literally ninety nine percent of the women use them. So lame. Why aren’t we thinking of something different when it comes to wallets? Why aren’t we trying new things? People can be so experimental when it comes to the outfits, shoes and whatnot, but they stay basic when the wallets enter the game.  There are so many different brands (both designer or brands on the cheaper side) getting more and more experimental with their wallet designs, it is not a reasoning to say”But I can’t find anything unique that suits my taste”. There are myriad designs of wallets and cardholders that can suit your style. Let’s take a look at some styles and technologies that make a wallet unique. 

Making Leather Wallet : Long Zipper Wallet
long zippered wallets

  First of all, starting with a more classic approach would be the best. Money clips. They are special attachments that can secure your cash in the wallet. Money clips can come in many styles, materials and colors. Since they are a rigid material, they catch the eye and turn the wallet into an interesting object. If you want to stay a little more classical and plain, you can go for metallic money clip wallets made of leather. This type have been out there for tens of years now, so it isn’t something innovative but there are some other styles that can look futuristic and modern. Plastic and semi transparent money clips combined with plastic or other interesting materials can be a great duo. It can both create a unique and a youthful look. 

Gucci wallet
minimalist bifold wallet

  There are also wallets with interesting patterns and different shapes. Shape of a wallet greatly affects its fashionability and the aura it has. For example Rhude, a small Italian designer brand, has chevron shaped cardholders which look very eye catching. These cardholders come in very basic colors lie gray, black or brown, but the shape it has what makes it interesting. Regular rectangular wallets and cardholders must have a very interesting design on them to be that eye catching, but some brands change the shape of the wallet to create uniqueness effortlessly. 

men’s slim bifold wallet

 There are also special technologies being used in wallets that might make them unique. There are magic wallets that can make your cards pop up when a button is pressed. These wallets are usually made of metallic materials and they only keep cards in them. You can put a couple wallets in them and they usually have a rectangular shape. They might look so basic from the exterior but the way they work is quite innovative. They help the user easily get the cards out from the wallet without struggling. There are also some wallets with RFID-blocking technology. These wallets might be not very popular now, but they might be very useful in the future. RFID-blocking wallets keep your card info safe from cyber thieves that might try to break the code and reach for your bank account through the cards in your wallet. This type of theft isn’t popular nowadays, but cyber technology professionals say that this might get more and more poplar in the next years. Since regular wallets don’t have this technology, we might all have to pass to using these types of wallets in coming years. 

billfold wallet for a lot of cards

  Changing your style by using a unique wallet that can express your character isn’t so hard. Of course our outfit, shoes, hats and rings might show our style but wallet can be counted as one of them too. We shouldn’t skip the wallets while constructing our dream wardrobe. We hope this article was helpful for you to realize the importance of wallets on a person’s fashion game. Have a fun time shopping for a new wallet!

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  1. I am surprised to see the wallets of people I have just met, so unusual and different wallet designs have begun to be created that it is unbelievable.

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