Do you need help for picking your boyfriend a Valentine’s Day gift? We got you! The best got to give a man is… a wallet! Now, let’s see which kind of wallet you should purchase, depending on your boyfriend’s needs.

Serel’s credit card holder for men
Slim minimalist credit card wallet for men

Does your boyfriend carry a bag by his side? If the answer is yes, then you can go for bigger wallets. Bigger wallets like long or trifold wallets can be bulky, but they carry a lot of stuff in them. They can be helpful for your boyfriend! But if the answer is no, then you should opt out the bulky wallets and go for slim and compact wallets. There are so many slim wallets for men. Slim wallets are also known as front pocket wallets since they can fit a trouser pocket easily. Slim wallets are generally made of thin materials and they have small space in them to put things. Cardholders are on of the smallest wallets you can ever get, and they are very suitable if your boyfriend uses card often.Cardholders campo also come in various styles. Some of them have a zipper so that the user can put many things like cash, coin or receipts. 

ultra slim minimalist wallet for credit cards

  There are also clutches that both work as a bag and a wallet, and they are very popular among women but nowadays men started using them too. You can go for a clutch if your boyfriend likes androgynous fashion. 

Real leather credit card wallet case

full grain leather credit card holder

  What kind of job your boyfriend have? The carrier of a man has a big effect on his clothing style. Office workers and businessmen tend to go for more simplistic wallets. Plain leather bifold wallets and cardholders are jus for these people. There are also metal wallets, also known as magic wallets. These wallets have a special mechanism in them. When the button on them is pushed, they pop the cards out, so the user can pick the desired card easily. These wallets are made of rectangular rigid materials like metal. And they come in so many various colors like gold, silver copper or black. In the other hand, people who work in artistic fields tend to go for accessories that help them express their artistic view. Herschel makes leather and cotton wallets in many sizes, styles and colors. These kind of wallets can be a better pick for these people. 

handmade leather card holders for men

  What is your boyfriend’s opinion on animal products? If he has no problem with using leather, then leather wallets are a safe option. Since leather is a very classic material for wallets, they have been very popular. Leather wallets can come in many types and styles. Sheepskin, calfskin, snakeskin, lambskin and croc skin all have different auras and looks to them, that’s why they give the wallet characteristic styles. Calfskin, goatskin and sheepskin have a plain look and they are quite rigid. Lambskin in the other hand also have a simplistic look but it is a very soft material, good for front pocket wallets. Croc skin and snakeskin have a very unique look to them. They can come in many different natural colors. But if your boyfriend is against animal products, cotton, plastic or tyvek wallets are a better pick. Tyvek is a lightweight, waterproof and sustainable material that is made of polyethylene. 

goatskin leather credit card wallet case
ultra slim minimalist credit card wallet for men

  These were our tips for you to pick your boyfriend the best fitting wallet as a Valentine’s Day gift! Have a fun time shopping!

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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men: Wallets”
  1. Hello,
    I want to buy a genuine leather item as a gift for my husband. But i am not sure which one i should buy. A genuine leather wallet is a good idea. However should i buy a large wallet or a small – slim wallet? I need to ask a men i think.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. As a Valentine’s Day gift a wallet is the perfect idea. My girlfriend gave me a goatskin slim wallet as Valentine’s day gift, and now I love her much more now:)

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