Since the introduction of classic leather bifold wallets, the common folk started to be able to see wallets, and later on card holders, as a fashion item instead of just utility items. This has paved the way for more room in the creativity of wallet designers. Since many crafters and worldwide brands also jumped in the train of these fashionable wallets and card holders, they have transformed into a new category called the designer wallets. They are catching attention in the eyes of many with their stylish outlooks and extreme price tags, but what truly makes a designer wallet ‘designer’ and why they are their own thing is still not clear to many. Luckily, after reading this article you will have a better knowledge about designer wallets and maybe you might consider purchasing one for yourself or for a loved one of yours.

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What Is a Designer Wallet/Card Holder?

Defining designer wallets is a hard job since they are something unique but hard to understand for many. Some say they are just traps of the capitalist market that are only interested in stealing your money in exchange for something that is worthless and others say they are the epitome of extreme prestige with everything going for them. The truth is designer wallets can be anything, depending on how you perceive them. Yes, they are wallets or card holders after all, but they hold so much more value with them as well. Like we said, this is a perspective matter, not a definition one. But still, there are some things about them that make them unique, and desired as such. The most important thing about them is that you are getting something unique, top quality and prestigious that only a very small number of people own. Most designer wallets tend to be exclusive, being produced in small quantities such as a thousand or even lower than that. This alone gets the interest of many people with financial stability. They are, in a way, collectibles that just don’t look great only but also function the best. Also, some people want really specific things from the items they own. This could be a specific combination of colors or designs on the wallet or could be a really rare material for the outer skin of the card holder. Whatever it is, the only way to find these extreme desires being made into reality is through buying a designer wallet or a card holder. These items are made with the purpose of being unique and extreme, bringing you the best of the best in any imaginable category out there. That is why they are considered valuable, sometimes being priced high enough for some people to think that it is sort of stupid to buy them. There are, however, two things wrong with this idea. Firstly, designer wallets do not have to be that extreme when it comes to their prices. They can be moderately expensive, at a range where a middle-class citizen can afford it without taking a huge hit to their personal or family economy. The other, and the last thing we want to mention is that they are not stupid to buy, it just comes down to personal preference and desires.

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Should You Consider Buying a Designer Wallet?

Now that we know what makes a designer wallet, or a card holder, truly unique, we can discuss who should consider buying them. After all, they can’t be for everyone and the truth is, they are not, for the majority of us. See, designer items should speak to the person who is interested in buying one. A designer wallet or a card holder should be no different in terms of making someone who looks at it feel a special interest or connection to it. This is rather on the side of aesthetic debates, as modern art is considered the same way. Some people look at a Pollock painting and its price tag and then immediately go “Why would anyone purchase this?” but some people, on the other side of the coin, look at it and immediately feel something spark in them, making them wish to acquire it. Thus, if you feel a special type of interest towards a designer wallet then surely you can think of buying it. The last thing is their prices and yes, they tend to get a little bit high but we can assure you that if you know that your financial situation is well enough to afford it, then you will not regret buying the designer wallet or card holder of your dreams.

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  1. Hello,
    I wonder that whether every single designer wallets or credit card holders are unique in terms of design and quality. Because they are too expensive and ı can not buy one of them if they are not unique, it is a big word!

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I do not think that every designer wallet has a unique style and design. On the other hand The ones that are really unique are extremely expensive.

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