Men all around the world use wallets for carrying their various belongings with them. These belongings can be cash, debit or business cards, receipts and even maybe keys and phones! As we all know wallets are very important items that we own and have always on our side. There are myriad types of wallets and each of them is suitable for different types of people. Everyone is unique and their needs and likes in a wallet are also unique. A wallet isn’t just a companion neither, it also symbolizes the owner’s spending habits, lifestyle, fashion taste and wealth. Now, let’s take a look at which wallet is suitable for who. 

ultra slim credit card holder for men
slim minimalist credit card wallet

Men who always go for classy looks should looks for leather wallets. There are so many types of genuine leather wallets. The best leather wallet for the men who like to spend cash are bifold wallets. Bifold wallets have two flaps ands they fold into two in the middle. They have a big cash compartment, card slots and some of them have a zippered coin section too. They come in many shapes and sizes. Men who wants to carry their bifold wallets in their pocket should look for the smaller sizes but if they likes to carry a large bag all the time, they can look for bulky and large bifold wallets too.

best wallet for credit cards

slim minimalist bifold wallet for men

Bigger wallets have way more space to put various things. The best wallet for the men who always use cards instead of cash is the cardholder type. Cardholders are generally made of a rectangular and rigid material and they have card slots on one or two sides. Cardholders are so slim and compact which is good for the men who carry their wallets in pocket. The leather type is also important for the looks. Not every type of leather goes well with every type of color. Calfskin, lambskin an sheepskin leathers have a plain and benign look. They generally go well with muted colors which compliment their plain texture. Browns, black, creme tones and sage are some of the neutral muted colors as example. Using  neutral colors for these leather types would look so much more classy and mature. In the other hand, crocodile, lizard and snakeskin leathers have a more eye-catching look compared to the other leather types. They go well with vivider colors like mustard yellow, petroleum blue and burgundy. Especially the texture of crocodile skin goes so well with petroleum blue. 

best wallet for a lot of credit cards

genuine leather men’s bifold wallet

But if you are someone that doesn’t like using animal products, you can go for faux leather wallets. Faux leather is a very tricky material though. Cheaper and bigger brands make their faux leather material from very poor and unhealthy materials that will both harm you and the environment. Especially the people who doesn’t use animal products for the sake of environmental issues wouldn’t want that. There are some smaller brands that make faux leather form various fruit peels and skins. These materials both look and feel better than the harmful faux leathers. This environmentally friendly faux leather materials come in many colors too,  but they are not as budget friendly as the others. People who doesn’t like using animal products can go for wallets made of other materials too. Like, cotton, plastics or tyvek. Tyvek is a sustainable, lightweight and waterproof material that is made of polyethylene. It is a very thin and durable material which can protect the belongings inside. Since it is a sporty material, it goes well with various colors and patterns. Maybe it is not suitable for the people who always go to classy occasions, but it might serve as a second wallet for other activities like camping, traveling etc.

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These were some of the tips ands tricks for buying a new wallet for the men who often  goes to classy occasions. We hope this article was helpful and you won’t regret your purchase. Have a nice time shopping!

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  1. Hello,
    I think of buying a gift for my dad as a surprise. This idea makes me very excited. On the other hand, my father is a very difficult man when it comes to like a gift even from me.

    Thanks a lot

  2. Please first see the wallet of the person who you want to give a wallet as a gift to, before going wallet gift shopping. otherwise it can be a disappointment.

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