Handmade leather front pocket wallet, which we met and started to carry during school years, have changed in terms of style and models as well as functionality with our age. While coins were used more frequently at younger ages, they were replaced by paper money and then debit and credit cards as the age grew. While wallets with a few compartments with zippers or Velcro fasteners were used at a young age, more sporty style wallets were used as men’s wallets and women’s wallets later on. While the use of wallets has become more stylish with business life, it has become our most valuable item that we keep with us. Because the most necessary and valuable belongings of people have become movable in the wallet. However, the need to transport these goods in a safe and secure manner has arisen.

Handmade leather front pocket wallet : LV WALLETS

While many people prefer multi-functional wallets for the protection and safe transportation of the items they will carry, while some people will use them as accessories, they attach importance to the model and design. Regardless of what, color, quality and size are among the features that are considered for men and women when buying a wallet. The shape of the wallet is also among the features that are noticed by many. How should the wallet shape be? The wallet shape must be either square or rectangular. Important documents such as money and invoices that we will put in the wallet can be protected in a square or rectangular wallet without being damaged.

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Round-style wallets, on the other hand, should not be preferred as they will not perform this function properly. The most useful wallet shape in terms of use is rectangular and long ones. Such men’s and women’s wallets are very useful for carrying money and bills. This type of women’s front pocket bifold wallet and men’s wallet can be used with peace of mind, as there will be no tearing, deterioration and crumpling. After the wallet shape and size, the most important feature is its quality and durability. A wallet should not be cheap and a solid, quality wallet should be preferred. Because this quality and durable wallet will have a long life. The items carried inside can also be transported with more peace of mind. If you ask how a quality and solid wallet should be, let’s say it right away. A quality and solid wallet is one made of genuine leather. The mens leather front pocket wallet is durable and does not deform in a short time due to its structure. It provides ease of use with its texture and softness. Men use leather wallets for their needs rather than accessories. Women, on the other hand, use women’s wallets for both accessories and needs, and when choosing a wallet, they look at every detail from the color to the material used.

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If you are going to buy a genuine leather women’s wallet or a men’s wallet, another feature you should look at is the correct material used. Knowing the features that distinguish genuine leather from artificial leather will make it easier for you when buying a wallet. The structure of genuine leather has a flexible and soft texture. If there is no solid heat when you bend the wallet, it means that it is made of genuine leather. In addition, genuine leather has a unique natural smell. We can say that it is also useful to look at the smell when buying a genuine leather wallet. A wallet made of faux leather is tougher. The texture on it is symmetrical. It leaves folds when bent and has a plastic smell on it. Its texture is hard and can sweat in the wallet.

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  1. I have more than one wallets. I like matching my outfit with a wallet. So I have a classic handmade wallet, a minimalist handmade wallet and a large hanmade wallet.

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