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Undoubtedly, we all have a best minimalist wallet that we love to use. Although materials such as polyester, textile material, artificial leather and nylon are used in the making of the wallet, the most preferred wallet is the one made of genuine leather. The biggest reason for this is that it is robust and long-lasting. The materials used in women’s ultra slim wallet models also show more diversity as they are used as accessories. These materials are paper threads, thread, beads, polyester, fiber, artificial leather, nylon and materials made of genuine leather. However, the preference in women’s wallets is mostly wallets made of genuine leather. Men, on the other hand, use quality and genuine leather men’s wallets, as they prefer more need-oriented wallets.

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Genuine leather men’s wallets and genuine leather women’s wallets that we use in daily life become more beautiful as they are used. As a quality leather is used, it not only gets better, but also achieves a flawless appearance. Thanks to its durability and naturalness, it is long-lasting and used. However, no matter how high quality and robust genuine leather wallets are, they wear out over time depending on use. There are important details that can be done to make the wallets we use last longer and remain solid. Let’s try to explain them to you.

best minimalist wallet for men

Best thin wallets for men is like human skin, it needs air. When it is closed and without air, drying and deterioration may occur on the skin. In order to prevent this, unused leather wallets should be ventilated frequently, and the leather surface should be moistened with cream at regular intervals and dried. However, putting unused wallets in plastic bags and wrapping them may cause deterioration on the leather.

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Leather has a flexible structure by nature and when it is stretched, it is irreversible. When more items are placed inside the wallet than normal, the natural structure of the leather stretches and causes it to deform after a while. In order to prevent deterioration due to use, care should be taken not to put more items than the inner volume of the wallet can take. Filling the wallet unconsciously and unnecessarily has irreversible results and reduces the life of the wallet. We said that the skin has a flexible structure. Leather wallets stretch with use. For this reason, when you start using a leather wallet, you can see that the card slots are hard at first, but they stretch as they are used. The leather adapts to the card and defines its place. For this reason, never put more than one card in a single card slot. This will cause the card to fall out of this compartment as it will stretch by breaking the structure of the card compartment.

slim minimalist wallet for men

Leather wallets should be used as much as their capacity. Since the structure of the skin is flexible, its shape can change according to the applied force. Men’s wallets are usually carried in the back pocket for convenience. When it is carried in the back pocket, when sitting on it, the shape of the slim minimalist wallet may be distorted and will not become old again. Because leather wallets take the shape of where they are due to their texture. Care should be taken in this regard, even if the wallet is carried in the back pocket, one should sit with the wallet removed from the pocket without applying pressure.

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Leather wallets are delicate. You should not use penetrating or cutting tools such as keys or pens inside the wallet. The more delicate the outer surface of leather wallets is, the more delicate the inner surface is. Sharp-edged sharp tools such as keys and pens can puncture the inside of the wallet and cause it to fail in a short time.

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